Some horses are important in a rider’s professional career, Marco presents some of them

(Maestro x Nilo)

2002, Mare, PSL

Breed by Vitor Vergamota

Vitoria was the mare that Marco started his sporting career at national level, a small mare of 1.57m but with a huge heart, Marco began to compete with Vitoria in Working Equitation in 2008 in the Portuguese Cup and in 2009 they won the national championship and the Portuguese cup in the Young Riders Level.

(Jalisco x Wembley)

2007, Gelding, PSL

Breed by Vitor Vergamota

Castelo was a horse that Marco received from his breeder when he was 4 years old,
Trained by Marco, Castelo competed nationally in Working Equitation in Portugal and was sold to Belgium in 2016, becoming the horse that opened Marco’s doors abroad.

(Arauto x Rubi)

2009, Gelding, PSL

Breed by Benoit David

In 2017 when Marco moved to Belgium, Eleito-B was one of the horses that Marco had in training and Eleito was the first horse that Marco competed at an International Level in Working Equitation, having this debut in November 2017 in France.

HVT do Penedo
(Vicoso da Broa x Trovador Raposa)

2012, Gelding, PSL

Breed by Resina Antunes

When Marco moved to Holland to work with his girlfriend Hester Bischot, HVT do Penedo owned by his Girlfriend was Marco’s partner for two years, and during that time they won several international Working Equitation competitions in Holland, Belgium and France.

Davidoff BW
(Flemming x Blue Horse Hotline)

Gelding, KWPN

Davidoff was from Stal Vreedenburgh, he was a very special horse for Marco, a difficult horse of character but with super movements. Marco educated Davidoff to the small Tour level.

Mestre do Penedo
(Guardiao do Penedo x Vicoso da Broa)

2016, Stallion, PSL

Breed by Resina Antunes

Mestre was the first horse that Marco bought for himself, a sensitive horse but with a lot of charisma that captivates everyone’s hearts, super character, super gaits.
In 2021 they won the Dutch Iberian Horse Championship, in 2022 Ranked 4th in the European Iberian Horse Championship, and 3rd ranked in the European Dressage Lusitano Horse Championship.