Training, clinics and shows


With Boavista Equine it is possible to have your horse or pony (D/E) trained and competed in dressage and working equitation (WE). Training is provided by Marco Boavista and/or the grooms.

The horses are trained based on the Classical Art of Riding. By giving the horse a good basic training, it will develop to the maximum within its psychological and physical capacities and from then on it will transform into a high-performance sports horse that will do its work in harmony with its rider and with pleasure. For us, classic riding means we look at what each horse needs. We do not train according to a fixed pattern or system. Each horse has its own training schedule and goals.

With Boavista Equine, a lot of time and attention is also devoted to the well-being and health of the horses. The horses are out every day and given high quality feed to keep them in top condition.

Marco is stabled at Stal Vreedenburgh when it comes to training his horses. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

Lessons & Clinics

Marco can help you with lessons at any level of education or ages, from Dressage B/GP or Working Equitation to Master Level, Marco can teach you at Stal Vreedenburgh or in your locality, online lessons are also possible.


Dressage lesson private € 60,-
Dressage lesson duo € 45,- p.p.
WE-lesson private € 60,-
WE-lesson duo € 45,- p.p.
Online Lesson € 60,-
Working in hand € 40,-
Travel costs € 0.35 per km


With a portuguese touch Marco can give your event another style, with Garrocha, Fire or reins around his waist.
Emotion and fun will not be lacking.

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